Maggie’s Design Tips


Should one follow the trends when it comes to home design?
When you make big decisions for your home, like new flooring, you should not make a decision based on what is "trendy" now. You should make your decision based on what will have lasting appeal for years to come.

Universal Design

What is Universal Design?
Universal Design breaks the traditional mold and is more accessible, flexible, and adaptable to more people rather than an idealized, able bodied, non-elderly adult. We work with some specific home builders that specialize in this area of design build.


Why are backspashes important?
Backsplashes can make a bold statement, but they are not just for decorative purposes. They also protect the walls from grease that can stain painted surfaces.

Light Colors

How can lighter colors affect your space?
Lighter colors naturally reflect light and can make a space feel larger, brighter, and more airy. Lighter colors are great choices for areas without a lot of natural light and/or smaller spaces.


What is the best way to transition from different types of flooring from one room to the other?
A threshold cover should be used when there is a height difference between two different types of flooring. This will create a clean natural break between the two rooms.

Large Scale Flooring

When is it best to use large format flooring?
Large format flooring works best in big, spacious areas, because they provide a better sense of scale, and their larger footprint allows a space to feel less busy by minimizing the amount of joint lines.

Green Design

What does green design mean?
Green Design is referred to as sustainable design or eco-design, which conforms to environmentally sound principles of building, material and energy use.

Textile and Linen

Why are textile and linen-look designs becoming popular in hard surface flooring choices?
Textile and linen looks are perfect for customers who want the soft look of soft surface but the ease of maintenance and cleanability of resilient flooring.

Mid-Tone Colors

Why are mid-tone colors a good choice for your space?
Mid-tone colors, especially styles with higher color variations, are great for high traffic areas because they hide soil and imperfections better than either very light or very dark colors.

Hardwood Floors

Can I put hardwood floors in my bathroom?
Hardwood floors are not recommended for high moisture areas such as a bathroom. There are many hardwood lookalike options that are more suitable, such as ceramic and luxury vinyl planks.

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