In ceramic tile what is shade variation?

Any variation in color or texture from one tile to another.

What is the benefit of porcelain tile?

The color consistency is thru the body not just on the tile surface. It is fade, stain and scratch resistant. Porcelain tile is a valuable choice for counter tops and fireplaces because it can withstand high levels of heat. Maintenance is simple with mild…

How soon should I seal my grout?

Many sealers recommend waiting 30 days for the grout to fully cure. We offer a product called grout shield that can be applied right away and has an easy to use nozzle for application. The sealer can and will wear off with time. To…

Can porcelain tile be used in an exterior application?

Not all porcelain can be installed outside, you will need to look for a tile that is rated frost-proof.

Is there a stain free grout?

No, but Opticolor grout from Mapei is the most stain resistant grout on the market. It is an improved, water-cleanable, resin reactive grout with chemical and stain resistance.

What is the difference between quarry tile and ceramic tile?

Quarry tile does not have a glaze or factory applied coating. It is a solid color primarily red or terra cotta and is used in commercial wet areas.

How is a tile floor heated?

An electrical radiant floor warming system is installed with thinset followed by another layer of thinset and tile. The thermostat to control the heat mat or wiring must be connected by a licensed electrician.

I like the look of ceramic tile on bath floors, but isn’t it cold in the winter?

Tile floors can be cold in some applications. The addition of an electric floor warming system under the tile can add to the comfort level of the tile floor as well as the room.

Can my ceramic tile stain?

A: Not easily. A glazed ceramic tile will typically not stain. It is the grout that absorbs stains and becomes unsightly. Routine cleaning is required and sealing the grout will help the grout stay clean.

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