How do I transition different types of flooring from one room to another?

A: A threshold cover is used when there are height changes in the flooring. Consult with your flooring specialist about a more decorative transition that can be designed depending on your specific type of flooring.

Can a laminate floor that becomes damaged be repaired?

Yes. With the newer glueless laminate on the market, repairs have become much less of a chore. Most customers with laminate will have a few extra boards on hand after an installation. Using these boards, a mechanic can take out the floor back to…

Will putting laminate flooring in my home be too much of a hassle?

No. Laminate is a floating floor and requires no glue. It can be installed over the top of most existing floors. The best part is there is no down time with laminate so you can live in your room the moment the floor is…

How can I increase the shine of my laminate floor?

The shine cannot be modified, as it is a manufactured characteristic. Therefore, you must never wax or polish a laminate floor.

Why is a moisture barrier used on concrete before laminate flooring is installed?

Concrete floors below ground are capable of storing a vast amount of water. It is crucial to avoid all direct contact between the laminate flooring and the concrete floor because the soil beneath the concrete can transmit humidity into the floor. Installing a moisture…

What is laminate underlayment?

The term “underlayment” refers to any roll or sheet product designed to be installed over the sub-floor and under the laminate flooring.

Can I install laminate over glue-down carpet?

Yes, as long as the glued down carpet is secure to the floor. The laminate can be free floated over the carpet.

What does a laminate floor consist of?

While each brand carries its own unique characteristics, most laminate consists of four layers. The first (top) layer is a clear overlay that protects against stains, fading and wear. The second (image) layer consists of the pattern or visual design. The third (core) layer…

How does laminate compare to other flooring surfaces?

Laminate flooring is typically more durable, less prone to indent, has better stain resistance, resists shrinkage and swelling due to seasonal changes and is easier to install than many other flooring surfaces

Can a laminate floor be refinished?

No. Unlike hardwood floors laminate cannot be refinished.

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