What is a floating laminate floor?

A floating floor means the floor tiles or planks attach to each other rather than to the sub floor.

Are the less expensive laminates just as good as the higher prices ones?

There is a difference in the construction of the lower end products being direct pressure versus a high-pressure laminate product. With a high-pressure laminate the advantage is a better wear resistance, fewer scuffs and scratches, better impact resistance, no denting, better design clarity and…

What is the finish on all laminate flooring?

Aluminum oxide (industrial strength urethane), the fifth hardest material in the world.

Laminate flooring’s principle component is what? How does it qualify for Green/Build?

90% of it is high-density fiberboard, which comes from reconstituted cardboard making it a Green certified product.

Are laminate floors durable?

Yes. The surface is typically made of an extremely tough wearing aluminum oxide with a printed photograph adhered to a melamine laminate layer. They are both scratch and scuff resistant.

How durable is laminate flooring? Isn’t it just countertop material?

A good quality laminate is about 20 times stronger than laminate used for countertop material and in most cases more dent resistant than wood.

What purpose does the foam pad serve under a laminate floor?

Polyethylene closed cell foam acts as a moisture barrier when taped together according to specifications. The pad provides cushion as well as a thermal barrier.

Can a laminate floor be installed over an existing floor?

A: Yes. With the exception of stretched carpet, laminate can be installed directly over an existing floor as long as the floor is secure and not wet.

Can a laminate floor be refinished?


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