How do I transition different types of flooring from one room to another?

A: A threshold cover is used when there are height changes in the flooring. Consult with your flooring specialist about a more decorative transition that can be designed depending on your specific type of flooring.

Why is the vinyl curling up in front of the bath vanity and tub?

Moisture is the likely culprit. Installation of quarter round in front of the cabinet and caulk along the tub will most likely prevent this.

What areas can sheet vinyl be installed?

Sheet vinyl can be installed anywhere in your home, including below grade levels (basement). Although vinyl is waterproof, the installation adhesive is water-soluble so you need to make sure you don’t over expose the perimeter of the room and seams to water.

Why would I choose a urethane wear layer over a vinyl wear layer?

It depends on what room you’re planning to install the vinyl in. The urethane is a layer applied to the top surface of the vinyl that helps to resist scuff marks and gouging, which is great for heavy traffic areas such as kitchens and…

How do I keep my new vinyl clean?

There are many over the counter cleaners you can use when cleaning your new flooring. All of them work well. Our suggestion would be to follow the manufacturers guidelines for the best possible results.

What is a fiberglass core vinyl?

A fiberglass core vinyl is different than a typical sheet vinyl product. It is constructed with a flexible fiberglass core. It provides a cushion of support under foot, which feels much softer than traditional vinyl. It is not only easier to install but can…

Why is loose lay vinyl a good option?

Loose lay vinyl can be laid over existing vinyl flooring without the added expense of underlayment or the removal of the existing floor.

Why is it necessary to use underlayment under vinyl?

Typically the sub-floor is not smooth enough, containing rough marks, nail heads and other imperfections that could be easily transferred through the vinyl. The underlayment provides a smoother platform for a more appealing appearance.

Can I install vinyl in my basement?

Vinyl can be installed anywhere in your home. It can be installed below grade making it a good choice for basements.

Would I want to put vinyl flooring in my house?

Many homeowners today choose vinyl flooring for a variety of reasons but mainly because of its durability and versatility. Unlike the flooring of yesteryear, today’s vinyl comes in a wide variety of stylish colors, adding beauty and durability to any room.

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